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See the funny side, be down to earth, dress up to the nines…

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W e are all enchanters who have lost our spell books and songs. It is time to remember them again. It is time to weave new stories, that birth new realities. Not to piece them together from the past, but to birth them anew through the primordial stars of memory that live on inside us. For me, these newly minted ancient songs and stories are emerging from the fairy lineages of the land, the old earth magic of witches, dark forests, incantations that carry the secrets of the lost lineages of feminine wisdom. I also have a penchant for the old Christian trackways of the rose lineage, where the mystics and wild saints walked alongside witches and ancient Goddess traditions, weaving them together. I welcome you to step through the pages into a realm of magic, myth and feminine mysteries.

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Spirit Weaver

Wisdom Teachings from the Feminine Path of Magic

Womb Awakening

Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of All Life

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Magdalene Mysteries

The Left-Hand Path of the Femimine Christ

Books Awards

Gold Nautlilus Award, category of Religion/Western Spiritual Thought, 2020

Next Generation Indie Book Award, 2020

Silver Naultilus Award, category of Women/Transformation, 2017

Readers Choice Award, 2017

Living Now Award, 2017

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L et's follow the wild dance of the moon through the darkness and back into the light. This is a lunar left hand path. It is a path of enchantment and storytelling, of faery lines that transport us into our wyrd inner worlds.

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