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Feminine Magic School

Curated and presented
by Seren Bertrand

Seren Bertrand is an award-winning author on feminine magic and wisdom; a storyteller, spirit keeper and chantress, with a degree in English literature & modern philosophy, who lives in the mountains of Appalachia. Read more here:

Feminine Magic School Starts on March 1st for one month gathered inside a secret Feminine Salon


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The Archetype of the Feminine
Magician, is waking up right now. She is made for these times, perfectly able to walk with duality and spin it back together into gold. She is a wild spirit weaver of worlds.

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Feminine Magic

Dear Incantrix,

The portal of Feminine Magic School has opened – can you feel it? Something is in the air, on the winds, change is coming…The Way of the Enchantress is re-awakening…filled with elegance and power.

The core of my Feminine Magic School is a practical, embodied awakening to our Magnetic Radiance, a union of our heart and womb energy, so we can birth a new reality of love and abundance. We often hear about ‘magnetism’, ‘radiance’, and ‘manifestation’ (all key principles of Feminine Magic) but without the context, the secrets of our lineage, the why and the how. Magic needs structure.

In Feminine Magic School you’ll learn about the Way of the Enchantress and receive a detailed magical education on feminine energy, that will help you understand the mechanics of feminine energy and how to apply it in your life for results – so you can translate theory and ideas into embodiment, essence and creative magic. A lineage of Feminine Magic will appear to support you.

For 1 month you will enter into Feminine Magic School and learn about the taboo secret powers of the Enchantress Archetype of feminine power: magnetism, descent, sex, womb, birth, death, grief, ecstasy, spell-weaving, desire, wealth, elemental nature, fascination.

Magical Teachings

You will receive these gifts...

3 Live workshops with Seren Bertrand

3 Live workshops with Salon Enchantresses

30+ Hours of Pre-Recorded Classes

  • Opening live Salon + Ceremony on Enchantress & Feminine Magic
  • MM Lineage & Feminine Luxury Frequency
  • Art of Sorrow: Entering The Grief Mysteries
  • Feminine Power & Your Saturn’s Return
  • Feminine Magnetism & Manifestation
  • Feminine Leadership, Wealth & Abundance
  • Ancestral Feminine Magic & Spirit Guides
  • Crafting Your Blessing Doll for Ritual
  • Closing live Salon + Ceremony on Embodying Feminine Magic

There will also be an online Feminine Salon and weekly audio notes and percolations on Feminine Magicians, Witches and Saints.

We will also co-create an exclusive Feminine Magic Divination System that you can use in your own personal practice and profession.

We will be working deeply with the energetics of your Saturn's Return, your Womb Ancestors and the Spirit Medicine of Owl and Amanita.

We will be learning from the 'structural feminine' in alliance with the feminine flow. These are secret teachings of Magdalene.



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Feminine Salon Classes

Class 1: 2-Hour Luxury Beauty Ritual

A live magical feminine Salon held by Maria Angel Costa in the lineage of Mary Magdalene as a guardian of the mysteries of luxury and beauty. During this 2 hours sensory sanctuary, you will experience the feminine frequency of anointing, body nurturing, sensuous body oiling, and embodied feminine beauty and magic.

The beauty ritual will include an Anointing Ceremony, a face massage ritual, and a full body oil massage designed to awaken your lymphatic system and radiance, and to flow your quantum waterways into expansive body belonging.

Class 2: Camino de la Encantadora: Feminine Magic of Mexico

A live teaching and practice class with Ancestral Spirit Keeper and Encantadora Anabel Vizcara on the Way of the Enchantress in the traditions of Mexico, the ancestral motherland of her birth.

The class will span from the high witchcraft of blessing, sanctified prayers, and incantation to the folk magic of healing, repairing and clearing, to the secrets of womb shamanism  This class will also include instruction and practice on limpias.

Class 3: Feminine Magic Breathwork & Rooted Magnetic Radiance Dance

A live embodiment class with Jade Bertaud and Maria Angel Costa, with feminine womb breathing and mudra practices to connect you to the magnetic womb radiance of Mother Earth, and a magical dance practice to generate, cultivate and amplify your magnetic body wealth, to store feminine energy in your kidneys and strengthen the magnetic energy of your womb-heart continuum.

Way of the Enchantress

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Think of Feminine Magic School like a finishing school for feminine magicians to embody elegant power to create a beautiful life.

In a world that encourages us to be loud, busy, external, Feminine Magic School will usher you through a red curtain into an ancient and renewing world where you will learn about energetic elegance, how to have magical good manners, how to root into a legacy that will nourish your creations in a collaborative energy.

You will step into rhythm with feet that have walked on ancient lands, and those who walk in the future, in an earth rooted lineage. 

This will be a practical salon for aspirants who desire to create magic on earth, and embody their full magnetic power, in a way that is supported by the womb ancestors and the spirit of earth as a glamorous, mysterious “Grande Dame”.  You will crystalize different facets of your power to birth your unique brilliance. 

We will walk through Luxury, Magnetism, Manifestation, Wealth, Leadership, Career, Relationships, Grief, Womb, Ancestral Magic and Living the Blessing of our true Legacy.

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You will also receive a powerful Magnetic Radiance audio embodiment journey that you can use as a centerpiece of your feminine magic practice, so you can make sure this is the year that you put your feminine magnetic power into action, to attract your soul desires. Plus a Baba Yaga journey to enter into the Dark Forest of forgotten and forbidden feminine power and initiation, a money magnetism meditation, and womb magic audio journeys.

You will be given private access to a Feminine Magic Student Salon, where your supportive course materials on the tradition and lineage of Feminine Magic will be housed, plus you can download each workshop that you can keep and revisit.

Feminine Magic School is a wild mix of mystical frequency and practical magic. In the Advanced Feminine Magic Leadership workshop all your magnetic magic will be flowed into your finances and your work as a leader, taking you to a new level of abundance.

Feminine Magic was practiced by everyone from householders, housewives, mothers, midwives to noble women and Queens. It is a secret path that has barely been written of, and has passed on through women's homes, arts and crafts and secret womb lineages.


Because it holds the energy that will grow your feminine magic.

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I know this feminine magic works, because I have practiced it for 20 years: By apprenticing to this wisdom and applying it in my life I have:

  • Married my soulmate after 10 years of being single
  • Birthed a daughter after being told I would never have children
  • Opened to become an Oracle for Mother Earth & Cosmic Mother
  • Created a sacred vocation that fills me with joy and magic
  • Rooted onto a beautiful land and created a home full of magic
  • Helped my mother transition to the other side as a Death Doula
  • Received the blessing of my Ancestors to share Feminine Magic
  • Birthed ideas and words that have created worldwide change
  • Seen mind-blowing quantum magic you only read about in fairytales

I don’t know what this Feminine Magic has in store for you, but I know it will change your life if you follow the bread crumbs into the magical forest, and choose to meet your magnetic power.

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So you thrive in life
So you enjoy abundance
So you feel good in your body
So you can enjoy pleasure
So you can look after your family
So you can hold power and leadership
So you can weave magic with nature
So you can 'see what people wish unseen
So you can be an oracle for Mother Earth

This is also a collective journey too….

Magnetism is the force that binds things together, it literally holds our body, planet and universe together. It also holds realities together, and binds us to certain patterns or ways of attracting energy, people and events. When we lose our magnetism, things start to disintegrate, fall apart, “the center cannot hold”, and our lives and world unravels.

As you may have noticed, we are in the midst of a collective magnetic shift…

This era is giving us a massive opportunity to align with a new magnetism that is completely resonant with the universal templates of life and the frequency of Mother Earth, so we can align with the new feminine path of creativity, love, abundance, magic and miracles emerging, in the midst of all the chaos and loss, as the old magnetic structures dismantle and menstruate.

If you have struggled with magnetic energy in the past, finding it difficult to attract and keep what you need and desire in your life, then this is the time to commit to birthing your magnetic radiance.

This time-doorway is also a pivotal doorway to let go of old magnetic structures, where you brought things into your orbit that didn’t serve you, or seemed to repeat the magnetic templates of your ancestors.

We are living in the epoch of the Revealing of the Magdalene, who represents the Magnetic Mother – the unification of the sensual, magnetic, rooted energy of the womb, with the radiance and love of the heart.

Like a new Tree of Life, we are going to root into the dark magnetism of earth, channel the spirit of the Earthly Sophia energies, and flower out into the cosmic light of the bright Sophia.

Magnetism, at its root and heart, is the force that brings us back together into deep connection.

We cannot be radiant, until we are rooted. We cannot be true love, until we are magnetic.

But - and here’s the rub - feminine magnetic magic has been forbidden for aons….

So, we have to re-write entire codes in our biology and souls to embody it.

The good news, is that our feminine Womb Ancestors are walking side by side with us, in horizontal time, ready to send incredible boons and blessings to us from the immortal source-rooted love of their wombs, in which you were born.

An entire lineage of Feminine Magicians and Enchantresses are calling to you…

If you know you are a big YES to embodying your magnetism, you can sign up here.

It is time to remember your feminine power, to cast positive enchantments and to shapeshift your life into real beauty and weave feminine magic into every aspect of your being and life.

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1 off payment

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$222 deposit and 10 monthly payments of $99

Feminine Magic School starts on March 1st for one month of live and pre-recorded teachings and practices inside a secret Feminine Salon hosted by Seren Bertrand. After the Salon closes, you will then have access to the materials on the Student Salon page for 3 months. All materials can be downloaded and kept for lifetime access.

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Magnetic Power

has not been embodied on earth for eons, in fact it has been directly forbidden, and when it flowered out in defiance, it was then demonized and discredited.

Now the magic returns.

No refunds are available for this course, but can be transferred to future courses if you experience sickness or family emergency.

Feminine Magic School includes the recorded video teachings from the previous classes on of Feminine Magic. See more details here.