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Seren Bertrand

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One day you will be old enough to read fairytales again

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S eren Bertrand is an award-winning author on feminine magic and wisdom; a storyteller, spirit keeper and chantress, with a degree in English literature & modern philosophy, who lives in the mountains of Appalachia.

She weaves together mythology, spirit vision, symbology, and embodied ecology, to bring forward the feminine philosophy traditions that once spanned the globe. She is informed by her ancestral lineage of Mam Tor, old Europe witches and faery folk, and the later traditions of Magdalene and Mary that hid wild feminine magic under their red velvet cloaks.

In 2017 she won 5 international awards, including a Nautilus Award in the category of 'Women' for the much-loved book Womb Awakening, which was described as a 'revelation, magnificent and a masterpiece'.

In 2020, she published her acclaimed book on Mary Magdalene - the Magdalene Mysteries - which reexamined what we know about this important spiritual feminine figure, and the magical lineage she hailed from. The book was acclaimed as, "A unique, iconoclastic, inherently fascinating, exceptionally well written and informatively detailed study from cover to cover… recommended for Metaphysical Studies.”

Her next book Spirit Weaver, is released in 2022 as a treasury of feminine magic, and a calling to remember an ancient feminine way of being.

As a successful writer and journalist, she was nominated for an Amnesty International Award for her reporting on the plight of female Tibetan refugees for the British women's press. She was also nominated for IPC/Time Warner Writer of the year for her reporting in the women's press. Her writing includes publications such as Grazia, Observer/Guardian & Sage magazine, amongst many others.

For almost 7 years, she ran a global school devoted to the remembrance of the feminine spiritual traditions, working with myth, symbology, and feminine somatic practice, which enrolled thousands of students from across the globe, and inspired a renaissance of feminine wisdom.

Her vision is to restore the memory of feminine magic and the earth wisdom of our ancestors, reborn for the modern world we now live in.

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People who deny the existence of dragons are often eaten by dragons. From within.

Ursula le Guin

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My 5 Fairytale Moments

These were the times I fell in love with feminine magic and got sprinkled with fairy dust.

seren meeting the dalai lama

Meeting the Dalai Lama

I met the famous Tibetan Lama high up in the mysterious Himalayan mountains, and trembled head to foot for hours afterwards. I felt like I’d met an ancient sorcerer-sage. The nomadic women also inspired me with their secret magic.

Studying Temple Dance

I studied Odissi dance in a remote village in eastern India for six months, as an initiation into the Devadasi path. Life unfolded in a swirl of rituals, adornment and music, that felt like a magical world that existed 10,000 years ago.

seren studying temple dance
seren finding the witch in the woods

Finding the Witch in the Woods

One cold moonlit November eve I stayed alone in an off-grid hobbit hut in a wild wood, and an old woman gave me bread crumbs to drop along the path to find my way back. Under a silver full moon I played my harp and felt the call of Elven forest magic.

Marrying a Merlin

In 2012 I got married at Cae Mabon, located near the sacred site of the bard and magician Merlin. After the ceremony, held in a red-ribboned fairy circle, we were serenaded by harp in a Celtic roundhouse.

seren marrying a merlin
seren rebirthing my mother

Magic of the Motherline

In 2018, as my mother was dying I performed a ceremony for her at an ancient sacred mound near her birthplace, and midwifed her back into the earth womb. One year later, to the day, I birthed my daughter Orphea, under a Scorpio moon.

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Within us all is a wild woman, a ‘Banshee’ of grief, who wanders along the Ancestral corridors, ready to meet the pain that lives inside us all, and to become a midwife to the beauty waiting to birth a new lightness.

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