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A Secret Society of Women's Wealth

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Your magic needs funding.

The world needs magical woman of wealth.

Building a Quantum Feminine Economy.

It's time to re-structure our ancestral roots,

so we can be properly resourced.

* Wealthy

* Magnetic

* Nourished

* Turned on

In 2020 I received a prophetic dream, where I was visited by the Dragons of Creation in an underworld realm, surrounded by a circle of regal, rich and severe Black Madonnas sat on thrones.

What the these 'World Guardians' told me was this:

"They wanted to preside over the largest transfer of wealth into magical women's hands that the world had ever seen."

Sacral Wealth is a womb-led way to architect a new feminine quantum economy INSIDE YOU to attract magical investment.

Wealth is a portal (a sacred well) into the greater dimensions of consciousness and creation and the feminine soul.

This is the start of a Financial Awakening...

Are you ready to join the Secret Society of Wealthy Women?

May you be wealthy, healthy and wise!

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The twelve were with him, as well as some women called: Mary Magdalene, and Joanna, the wife of Herod’s steward Chuza, and Susanna, and many others, who provided for them out of their resources - Gospel of Luke, on Sacral Wealth

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Sacral Wealth

It's Time to Fund Your Vision, Fall in Love With Money and Activate Your Magical Destiny

 A powerful journey to create a magical business and transform your relationship with money to hold wealth


Build your business on a powerful structural feminine architecture, and learn how to work with feminine magic and energtics to clarify and refine your vision, and learn the secrets of successful women.

Supported by eco-somatic nervous system theory, which shifts the nervous system into primal vagal tone, which is the nervous system of leadership, power, creativity, confidence, trust.

Learn about business, wealth, manifestation, leadership in a container with an initiated Elder vision of sacral wealth as feminine spiritual legacy, ready to be reclaimed in this modern era.

This is a 3 month self-study course, with a weekly email program to support you, and an online salon with all your materials and three pre-recorded 4 hour presentations with Seren Bertrand.


Radically unique 4-hour Sacral Wealth Transmissions,

1. Conceive a brand/business with magical DNA

2. Structure your work/brand into a money magnet

3. Share your work/vision with confidence and clarity

You will be taken on a journey to open your world up to receive structural sacral wealth and pratice feminine money magic.

You will also receive membership to the secret women’s society, The Matroneum, for sharing, reflection and web weaving.

Plus, weekly love-note musings from our Grande Dame.

Seren Bertrand shares ALL her secrets from:

* 20 years in high level feminine business 

* Her time as a 'Devil Wears Prada' Magazine editor

* Recieving multiple 5 figure book deals

* Being an award-winning author of pioneering books

* Working with many thousands of women over a 10+ years

* Making over a million dollars in online business

Sacral Wealth is for women to Architect the creation or expansion of a business or vocation to create wealth, structure and legacy.

Sacral Wealth had been taken by everyone from high level female lawyers, fashion designers, artists, eco-spiritual property developers, to medicine women, embodiment coaches, retreat facilitators. It shares a feminine structure to develop a business or to relaunch or scale an existing business. It is not a normal money course, it is a portal into a world where wealth is sacred.

Financial Terms:

$888 paid in full.

$333 monthly payments for 3 months.

Starts 22nd July, with a special live gathering

No refunds.

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1 off payment

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Plus 2 monthly payments of $333 (total $999)

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This private mentorship group is for women who are already very wealthy, succesful, and living their dream, and who want to work with the energetics of feminine magic to become a quantum architect of a new feminine economy, and call in audacious resources that change the fabric of their reality, and the world.

I have 'seen'  a secret women's society that needs to convene.

This is for women who are already powerful mistresses of the arts of money, and generate at least high 6 or 7 figures in their business, and want to receive the magical memo on sacral wealth.

Starts August 1st. $3,000 pcm, 3 months.

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This is a transmission of magical lineage, a way we can 'establish' and 'architect' the future together and practice the art of inter-generational transmission, and also beneficial collaboration.

I see magic as an ecosystem. It requires that the Elders weave with each other and pass on the thread to their heirs.

I am leaving a crack open in the doorway of the universe, to gather in the fairytale cottage with people who share kismet with me.

I have a vision of birthing an entire new culture, through the structrual magic of women who hold a 'node' of webs of wealth.

It takes wisdom to complete the sequence of creation, to incept, finance, establish, grow, prune, and shapeshift our world.

This is a call for the Elders of feminine culture to gather.

$22,000. Private Mentorship. Email to apply.

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In time, you may find yourself walking on a dark, rainy night in Paris, headed to an invisible Salon, where the Mistress of Magic will greet you. You will need to have your wits about you, be dressed to the nines, and bring a letter of recommendation with you...