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Grief Salon: Courting Our Shadow

The Magical Art of Melancholy, Sorrow and Lamenting

Love is a force of destiny whose power reaches from heaven to hell.
- C. G. Jung

We must gather together and grieve. This meeting is a conclave of the heart. This is a feminine perspective on grief, supported by feminine lineages who have made grief into an art form and practiced grief as a profession in order to keep the world in balance.

Keening Women. The Bean Chaointe in Ireland, The Priestess of Isis in Egypt, the Three Mary's in western magic, all knew the grief rites. 

We need to practice grieving. Before we can face our greater devastations, we must first learn to be with the ‘micro-griefs’ – the small details of our lives, the not-so-big events where our hearts have contracted without us even knowing how or why. 

And of course, this ‘fairy portal’ of micro-grief take us right through the black hole into the back of the heart where true sorrow lives. 

Wearing our most glamorous black gowns, we will enter together into the mythical realm of melancholy. The magic place of shadow. 

Paradoxically, the way to the light heartedness you crave, is to take time to feel the full weight of what your heart is carrying. 

You will discover you have LONGED for this place, and you will learn how to court it consciously, and be a KEENING WOMAN. 

There are subtereanean chambers of your heart still in mourning. With laments that never found air to breathe or keen. Places of shadow, that are shrouded in a melancholy. This realm, that is so taboo in modern culture, is tended by your magical ancestors. They are guardian of your heart's sorrows. Your tears are magic elixirs. 

The world of shadow belongs to the keening women and their Lady Banshee who calls to meet you in the betwixt at the crossroads of your soul. Grief is a soul cleansing and a psychic menstruation.

Grief is feminine, she must be courted, she must be romanced. She cannot be forced or opened too quickly. She has many subtle layers. She is also deeply beautiful, compassionate, and kind. 

Grief comes from the root word gravis, it means weighty, heavy, gravitas, and pregnant. Its source is gravity. The magical force that binds us to earth, to our life, to our body, to the alchemical crucible of embodiment. Our grief is earth magic. Grief is the weight of love entangled in time. Grief is a mystical substance of our earth soul. 

We are bound by our grief, weighted by our grief, we carry our grief inside us. The magnitude of our grief is a sonnet to the vastness of our love for this life. We long to be light and weightless, yet the more we love the heavier our hearts will become, and this is the truth of embodiment. Our Eldership and adulthood depends on our grieving. 

All feminine magical cultures knew that grief was sacred, and was an art form that needed to be practiced, inhabited, and respected. 

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Yet, in the modern world, we often experience only the extremes of this terrestrial deity, Lady Grief - either we numb out and avoid feeling her touch or we are engulfed and overwhelmed by her. Our hearts shatter open and the current is wrathful and destructive. 

There is another way. Like all great ladies, Grief loves and longs to be courted and romanced. She calls for poetry and heartfelt beauty. Indeed, the courtship of grief – supported by the enchantress lineages - keeps our heart muscle flexible and strong, yet also soft and fluid with love. Grief as an art-form opens us up to compassion.

In Feminine Magic, we court our grief in an elegant, and dare we say it, deliciously enjoyable and mystical way, by consciously and wantonly 'micro-dosing' grief in intentional acts of melancholy and sorrow. We craft grief into an art form. Grief becomes regenerative. 

We enter into the ‘glamor of grief’ – a refined place of welcoming the subtle layers of sorrow, giving them space to sing and breathe. We mourn the finest details. We allow ourselves to be comfortable in shadow, to breathe into the dark spaciousness of this vast realm. 

Together, we will discover that the heart of grief lives inside the very deepest part of the Womb of Love. We will be held and rebirthed. 

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Join Seren Bertrand for an experiential online 4-hour Grief Salon that will be a journey into the heart of the world.


  • The Somatic Keening Rites with Seren Bertrand
  • IxCacao Grief Ceremony with Anabel Vizcara
  • Deeply sorrowful breathwork with Jade Bertaud
  • Melancholy movement with Maria Angel Costa.
  • Weeping, lamenting, reminiscence, sorrow, and big love with wild deep roots, shared in a heart-conclave

Reserve the Date: November 11th, 2pm EST.

Replays sent out for you to download and keep.

You can also sign up to receive the pre-recorded Grief Mysteries Workshop & Ceremony, which includes extensive teachings, and is recommended for the full transmission of the mystical path of feminine Grief

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Curated and presented
by Seren Bertrand

Guest Teachers

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Anabel Vizcarra

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Jade Bertaud

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Angel Maria Costa

Grief Salon:
Courting Our Shadow


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Grief Mysteries:
Salon & Workshop


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